Hot Griddle & Paramos Inn.

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Mr. Jinu Pillai & Mr. Jikku Pillai
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The Restaurant name is Hot Griddle which is located in Jayanagar. the concept was to create a vintage fine dining experience which is covered with stone on 3sides of the restaurant and the beige colour leather seatings add a modern touch with wooden dining table .The use of natural elements which are environmentally free was the key feature of the restaurant. Use of natural such as the Red cladding stone that was brought up from the regions of Manglore, a city situated in Karnataka’swith an odd random size of 8″ x 12″ and were installed randomly to give the restaurant a natural and authentic feel. Also, the other Marble stone that was installed in a break free form. A 15 Ton HVAC unit was planned for a 72seater restaurant and a waiting space. The airflow grills were placed according to the ceiling designed with random positions. The live kitchen material we used ms pipe designed with brass finished aluminum MS pipe to give an authentic touch to the kitchen and other decorative hanging bulbs were installed on the pipe it’s self looks more vintage concept. A 128sqft of waiting area, a 1500sqft of restaurant dining space with 40sqft of mock tail bar,50sqft of common wash basin and service passage area,200sqft of the live kitchen. The client was very clear that he wanted a vintage look of the restaurant and so he just shared that we want to have a restaurant that shares a vintage.

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