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Focus on simplicity, natural elements, and comfort is what makes japan and Scandinavia similar.

Japandi style of interiors doesn’t chase perfection; instead, it seeks beauty in the minimalist and straightforward things.

We must create a stunning and memorable impression when it comes to Foyer, living room, and dining area design, as these are the main areas that guests and visitors use the most in a home.

Design Details:

We have implemented the clean lines, low clutter, and calming color palettes of the central theme starting from the foyer area of the home. In this project, we have kept the entryway as minimalistic as possible, and it only has a console unit with a simple mirror. We have eliminated the idea of adding any extras like wall panels to this space.

Living Area is furnished with customized furniture. A soothing pendant lamp and the floor lamp are added for aesthetics and lighting purposes. The double-height wall is decorated with a large painting, and to break the monotony, we have added an L-shaped wooden paneling on the top (first-floor walls). There is no false ceiling in this area.

The dining room has a six-seater solid wood dining table and a crockery cum Pooja unit. Instead of a traditional-looking Pooja unit, we decided to create a pooja area that blends with the rest of the theme without losing its prominence. Hence, we highlighted it with a backlit acrylic ‘OM’ Symbol.

The #kitchen is indeed the heart of the home. It is where people gather to catch up at the end of the day or during a party.
This kitchen in our upcoming 3-bedroom project @shriramchirpingwoods follows the same design and color theme as the rest of the home.
It comes with a wood and matt white finishing. We have retained the same builder granite; however, we have changed the dado tiles to match the design theme (Japandi).

This three-bedroom Shriram Chirping Woods Villament is a combination of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian functionality. So you can see that here in the entire project, we have used only two primary colors, i.e., white and beach wood (can call it an almond theme). We have tried to bring in the feeling of simplicity, art, and nature, which are the main elements of the ‘Japandi’ style interiors. To do this, we have done a couple of civil works in this project. For instance, on this first floor, which we have turned into an entertainment area, we have demolished the entrance wall and removed the door to bring in more natural light to the passage and staircase area and make it more spacious to bring in the minimalist feel. Another shade that you might notice here in this project would be a lighter shade of grey, and we have used in furniture and curtains.

The guest bedroom is designed with white and beach wood finish matching the ‘almond theme’ of rest of the home. ⠀
In the kids’ bedroom we have used a bit of yellow tint as you can see in the images, to bring in some vibrance to the room and to make more interesting than the other areas of the home without straying away from the overall design style. ⠀

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