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4 BHK Home Interior Design

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This 4BHK upcoming Project @tatapromont has undergone quite a few civil works like breakage and construction of walls to get it in the current shape.⠀
In this area we had to demolish a wall that was in the place of shoe rack to make it broader. This #foyer consists of a shoe rack with louvered shutters for aesthetics as well as for better air circulation, a row wooden ledge for showcasing artifacts and indoor plants and a metal partition to separate this area from dining area which was placed after demolishing a wall for better lightings and aesthetics. Also, the wall opposite to the shoe rack is treated with red bricks cladding.⠀
This #diningroom is furnished with a solid wood dining table with distressed paint finish and above this table we have a solid wood rafter ceiling which has been bolted with RCC and some metal supports. A hanging light for the lighting of the entire area. The wall is treated with wooden rafters and paint.⠀
The continuation of the design from the dining area is brought through the same wooden rafter ceiling along with some track lights on both sides. We have also used a wooden flooring in this area to separate it from the other areas of this #4BHKhome. As for the seating we have a unusual 3+2+1 wing chair. The wall behind the seating has been treated with same red brick cladding which is used in the foyer. A small rustic themed bar unit is accommodated in this area.⠀
This #POOJAROOM is modified completely form its original builder plan. The idea behind the modification was to keep it simple and elegant which not only brings the divinity of the place but also adds charm to rest of the home. It is fitted with a wooden frame glass door and the unit has a black wall treated with quartz stone.⠀
The major modification done in this #kitchendesign is the side where we have fridge and tall unit, which was built by us to match our theme and to bring in more natural light.⠀

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