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Get a 30% Discount for Luxury Home Interiors   + 10 year Warranty. T&C Apply

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      Interior Designers In Bangalore

      Delivering thoughtful innovations and products in architecture and Luxury interior design in Bangalore with Over 1000+ Completed Projects.

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        Interior Designers In Bangalore

        Delivering thoughtful innovations and products in architecture and Luxury interior design in Bangalore.

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          Price Match Guarantee

          Customized Design

          Hassel-free Experience

          WEA Designs, the best Luxury interior designers in Bangalore gives you the best offers in 2024 up to a 30% discount with FREE Consultation. We promise the lowest quotation in the interior design market for the best quality.

          Our luxury interior designers in Bangalore treat every project as unique with 10 Years of  Warranty and we start each project with fresh eyes and ideas while reflecting the heart and soul of our clients.

          Here, WEA Designs meets reality, and we have an unbeatable ability to guarantee a successful implementation. With 8 years of experience, our luxury  interior decorators in Bangalore guarantee a hassle-free experience for customers.

          Price Match Guarantee

          WEA Designs, the best interior designers in Bangalore gives you the best  Offers up to 30% discount with FREE Consultation. We promise the lowest quotation in the interior design market for the best quality.

          Customized Design

          Our luxury interior designers in Bangalore treat every project as unique with 10 Years of  Warranty and we start each project with fresh eyes and ideas while reflecting the heart and soul of our clients.

          Hassel-free Experience

          Here, WEA Designs meets reality, and we have an unbeatable ability to guarantee a successful implementation. With eight years of experience, our interior decorators in Bangalore guarantee a hassle-free experience for customers.

          bedroom design by residential interior designer in bangalore

          Luxury Interior Design with a refreshing sense of Elegance!

          WEA Designs Pvt Ltd, a luxury interior designers in Bangalore  – was founded in 2015, with 8+ years of experience with 1000+ interior design projects. They are a unique design-build interior design company led by 41+ passionate, talented, and creative interior decorators in Bangalore. Since its inception, WEA Designs has gone from mile to mile covering a portfolio of bespoke home interior design, commercial interior design, and architectural projects making it the best interior design company in Bangalore with its unique designs. As luxury interior designers in Bangalore with 8+ years of expertise, WEA Designs takes pride in seamlessly merging aesthetics with functionality. Going beyond visually captivating spaces, we prioritize understanding the client’s vision, ensuring each project is a personalized reflection of their lifestyle. 

          affordable luxury interior designers in gurgaon
          Projects Completed
          budget friendly interior designers in bangalore
          Design Experts
          luxury  interior designers in bangalore
          Loose Furniture Factory
          Innovative luxury interior designers in bangalore from Wea Design
          Modular Factory
          Top interior designers in bangalore designed lots of interiors in past 8 years
          Years Of Experience

          Design Gaadi

          Affordable interior designers in bangalore from WEA Designs

          What’s New in Wea Interior Designs 2024

          Get free consultation from the comfort of your homes. Design Gaadi is the latest endeavor by WEA Designs. This convenient consultation service eliminates the hassle of making a trip to our physical office. This brilliant solution is specifically designed to combat the dreaded traffic in Bangalore, giving our clients the ease and convenience of accessing our expert luxury interior designers in Bangalore.

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            Unique Offerings by Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore


             A touch of luxury for your home or office space, look no further than WEA  luxury interior designers in Bangalore.Wea design have completed 1000+ projects under the expertise of 40+ interior designers with 8 years of experience. Get customized interior design with 10 years warranty

            Home Interiors

            Crafting a language of design that speaks to our clients.

            Interior designers in Bangalore craft home design with a refreshing sense of elegance!

            WEA Designs, Interior Designers in Bangalore believes in the ‘ home from home design ‘ concept. Our bespoke team of the best home interior designers in Bangalore have a passion for skill and beauty in every detail and deliver house plans directly to our clients with a design approach that is instinctive, eclectic, and creative. With over a decade of experience working across various residential interior design like Villas, Apartments, independent homes, bungalows, cabins, villaments (villas in apartments), etc. We maintain a highly curated home interior design  portfolio of projects.

            residential interior designers in Bangalore designed a floor designing


            Luxury interior designers in Bangalore


            Our Process

            Our Luxury interior designers in Bangalore prepare the work schedule and give you a move in date .

            You just need to count the dates.


            Free Quote

            Free design 



            your design





            Hassle free execution

            Explore the Recent Creations of Our Bangalore Interior Designers in Bangalore

            From residential interior design to commercial spaces, we have the expertise to transform any space into something truly extraordinary. Being the best Luxury Interior designers in Bangalore, we stand out for our attention to detail. From selecting the perfect color palette to choosing the right fabrics and finishes, we leave no stone unturned in their quest for perfection


            Hear from Our Happy Clients & See Bangalore’s luxury Interior Design Quality

            Take a look at the highly functional and beautifully designed interior videos by the leading Interior decorators in Bangalore, we create spaces that hold you back every time.

            Meet Our Team

            Best Interior Designers in Bangalore

            Discover our  Bangalore’s luxury interior designers, masters of  residential & commercial interior designing. We turn spaces into works of art, creating unique, functional, and stylish environments.

            Award Winning Interior Designers in Bangalore

            Award winning Interior Designers in Bangalore with 8 years of expertise. WEA Designs luxury interior designers offers 30% Discount on interior designing services in Bangalore with 10 years warranty for residential and commercial projects.

            interior design Bangalore

            India Excellence Award 2022

            We are happy to announce that our best interior designers company, WEA DESIGN PVT LTD received the award for the most Promising and creative interior design firm of the year 2021 (Karnataka), under the premium residential interior projects category at the Architecture & Interior Design Excellence & Conference 2021 – Global Edition.

            best interior designers in whitefield Bangalore

            Architecture & Interior Design Excellence & Conference 2021 – Global Edition.

            At WEA DESIGN interior design company in Bangalore, we have a strict NO to the ‘Cookie Cutter’ approach. We treat every project as unique and we start each project with fresh eyes and ideas while reflecting the heart and soul of our clients.

            Why Choose WEA Designs as your interior designers in Bangalore?

            Besides expert interior designers in Bangalore, a 10+ Years warranty & on-time completion guarantee, you have more reasons to choose WEA Design as your Home Interior Designers in Bangalore. Our team of skilled professionals transforms spaces into breathtaking environments that reflect your style and functionality preferences. 

            As one of the best interior design firms in Bangalore, we prioritize your vision, blending innovation with timeless design. With a commitment to quality and a client-centric approach, WEA Designs, the luxury interior designers in Bangalore ensure a seamless and personalized experience.

            Elevate your living or working space with our meticulous attention to detail and passion for aesthetics. Trust WEA Designs for a transformative journey that turns your interior design dreams into reality.

            leading interior decorators in Bangalore

            Concept Design & Visualisation

            WEA Designs interior designers in Bangalore believe that concept of a design should reflect the attitude and beliefs of the customer. Our interior designers in Bangalore use completely customised designs depending upon the theme we create. Basically we don’t have any limitations with respect to designs.
            top interior design companies in Bangalore

            Onsite Supervision​

            WEA Design, luxury Interior designers in Bangalore made it one of the obligatory factors to have a talented team of project managers and On-site supervisors present until the complete hand-over. Our interior designers in Bangalore always provide realistic timelines.
            Top Commercial interior designers in Bangalore

            Realistic 3D Models

            WEA Designs interior designers in Bangalore make the entire process of designing your residential or commercial space easy and enjoyable with the utmost inspiration to take your interiors from boring to beautiful. People can’t make out the difference between our proposed 3D designs vs executed sites, Proper realistic 3D design with minute details, etc. Most of our clients also appreciated the same, as we could see in the testimonials.
            budget friendly interior designers in Bangalore

            Assured Quality​

            WEA Designs interior workmanship ensures top-notch quality, with absolutely stunning designs balancing functionality. It is very important to understand the client and design accordingly. Wea Designs Studio does have an awesome bunch of interior designers who work particularly to our clients tastes. Our interior designers in Bangalore do only two projects at a time so that they can fully concentrate on them and deliver the best.
            leading luxury  interior designers in bangalore

            Hassle Free Execution

            Our outstanding team of interior designers in Bangalore specializes in creating exact designs that are matched to the individual tastes and styles of each customer. We create environments that are stylish and unique by giving close attention to every little detail and making sure that all work together perfectly.
            budget friendly interior designers in bangalore

            After sales support​

            From designing, modeling, completion, handover, and after-sales support, our reliable and competent service interior designers are forthcoming in providing the best bickering free solutions and maintenance of your project as interior designers in Bangalore. We are always open for the same, we don’t just provide 1 or 2 years free services like others, ours is lifetime free services, but to be frank we don’t get much interior design service calls so often, this is because of the material quality and workmanship quality.

            Top Interior Designers In Bangalore

            “ Home Interior designers in Bangalore with a refreshing sense of Elegance!”

            Established in 2015, WEA Designs Pvt Ltd is a distinctive design-build firm headed by positive, talented, and 41+ creative interior designers in Bangalore. With its distinctive designs, WEA Designs, interior decorators in Bangalore, has grown significantly since its founding, showcasing a 1000+ portfolio of custom home interior designs, commercial interior designs, and architectural projects. As a result, it is now the best interior design company in Bangalore.

            “We are known as the best home interior designer in Bangalore because of our credibility for creative ideas, accuracy, and outstanding quality. Our team of skilled interior designers in Bangalore, architects, and master craftsmen can construct spaces at any level of customization.”

            A complete choice of interior design services for residential interior and commercial spaces is provided by our interior designers in Bangalore. Other services that align with our unique style of design include creating and manufacturing custom furniture as well as providing architecture services.

            The team of professionals at WEA Designs Pvt Ltd. is made up of the best interior decorators and designers in Bangalore, as well as experienced architects, talented carpenters, proficient furniture makers, and project managers with a range and depth of experience that is rare in a single interior design company in Bangalore.

            WEA as a brand is the pioneer of innovation, sophistication, and sustainability in the field of architecture and home interior designers & commercial interior designers in Bangalore.

            home interior decorators in Bangalore

            Get Design Ideas from our story 

            Tips from expert interior designers in Bangalore 

            interior designers in yelahanka

            Luxury Bedroom Gypsum Ceiling Designs

            Modern gypsum ceiling designs used by luxury interior designers in Bangalore can turn your bedroom into a calm haven. Visit our blog for ideas on creating a stylish yet pleasant bedroom environment suitable for best sleep and quality time.

            kitchen designers in bangalore

            Top 9 Wall Paint Colour Combination

            Look into our well analyzed list of the best  wall paint color combinations, which was put together by luxury interior designers in Bangalore, to bring out the limitless possibilities of your living space. 


            Our customer reviews on their experiences with our interior designers in Bangalore

            We choose WEA Design over a couple of other design boutiques we had shortlisted. In the first meeting itself, we were very impressed with their creativity on the design options. They understood what we were looking for and were very quick to offer the designs as per our requirements. We were able to shortlist them in less than 20 days.

            top interior design companies in bangalore

            Mr. Puneet & Ms. Priyanka

            They understand our needs and our designs as per our requirements. Both the quality of their design and their execution are very good

            house design in bangalore

            Tharani A

            M/s. WEA, designed and executed the interiors of my apartments. I am very happy to know them as a committed young, creative, and vibrant team who undertook the assignment and accomplished the same in a time-bound manner. I wish them all the very best with many more challenging jobs going forward.

            interior designers hsr layout bangalore

            Mr. H.S Kumaraswamy

            ravindrababu chelamkuri
            ravindrababu chelamkuri
            We got our interiors done by WEA Designs recently and they did a fabulous job. Right from the designs, execution, handover and warranty support , they did a great job. They have a young and creative team who helped us in every stage. Thanks you WEA and your team of designers Sonali, Ananya. Execution team Raghu, Krishna , Abdul, Abhishek and carpenter Deepak. All of them are thorough professionals and do they their job very well. Will surely recommend WEA designs for end to end interior works.
            Srivathsan Venkat
            Srivathsan Venkat
            WEA is a very affordable, reliable and extremely responsive interior design services company in South Bangalore. They are led by very technically sound professionals and that vision of becoming a go to ID company, translates to all of their other staff as well. Though their design options could resonate slightly to some of the other projects that they have executed in the recent past, their overall knowledge, space management and suggestions to enhance any room without compromising on customer's preferences are unmatched. We had a great experience working with their team during COVID and did go through minor delays (2-3 weeks), but their post-project handover services and support (which was very minor) continues to be truly commendable and a point to be noteworthy, which many ID's do not focus too much these days from a cost / time perspective.
            Namrata Sahoo
            Namrata Sahoo
            I had a very nice experience with them and it's not limited to design and delivery but they also provide post delivery support whenever I requested within the guaranteed time frame.
            Akash Sahu
            Akash Sahu
            Very good service , well execution and on time completion. I liked how they take the customer opinion into account and make certain adjustments and suggestions from there own end to adhere to our needs.
            Raghu K
            Raghu K
            Young and Energetic Team who makes your dream home come True

            Frequently Asked Question

            FAQ’s about  interior design firms and interior designers in Bangalore


            Completely Customized Luxury Interior Designs 

            Wea interior designers company in Bangalore provides completely customized interior design. It completely depends upon the theme our interior designers in Bangalore create. We don’t have any limitations with respect to designs. In other firms most of them are following the standard materials and sizes when it comes to design, it’s just to make their process easy and withdraw better profit.

            Clients don’t have much choice other than going ahead with those, but here again, clients are not really aware of what all things can be done, or what options are there to improve the aesthetics as well as functionality, they never educate the clients regarding all these, clients thinks like whatever they are providing is the best or only options they have.

            Our team of dedicated interior designers in Bangalore is committed to providing a truly bespoke experience. We go beyond the conventional to ensure our interior design clients are not only satisfied with the end result but are also well-informed about the diverse choices at their disposal. By incorporating innovative ideas and refusing to conform to industry norms, Our Luxury interior designers in Bangalore aim to empower our clients to envision and create spaces that go beyond the ordinary.

            Transparent Pricing for Interior Design Excellence

            The initial quotation itself would be a detailed one, after the initial meeting our interior designers in Bangalore will be working on a detailed quotation as per the discussion and requirements. This quotation is based on the interior design we imagine for the particular home. As trusted interior designers in Bangalore, we recognize the importance of clarity and transparency in the early stages of the design process.


            In others they give some standard pricing, don’t even consider the actual floor plan, etc, this is to get the first impression regarding costing, but during the interior design stage or after that, their quotation will be totally changing. In our team of interior designers in Bangalore, after the interior designing also price remains same unless there’s some change in material or size differences, or add on, etc.

            Quality Interior Design Service with Warranty

            We invite our potential customers to experience the actual setting of our ongoing and completed projects. This hands-on involvement strengthens the relationship between us and our clients, which is supported by our constant commitment to quality in interior design, execution, and after sales services. It is combined with discussions with our respected current clients.

            While other interior design firms in Bangalore might depend on appealing experience centers, we value genuineness by presenting actual locations, assuring openness and confidence.Our well-known interior designers in Bangalore, take great satisfaction in showcasing the real results of our work.

            We create long-lasting relationships with our clients by being committed to excellence and giving them everlasting confidence in the unbeatable excellence of our interior design work.

            3D Designs Vs Execution, Luxury Interior Design Mastery

            People can’t really make out the difference between our proposed 3d designs vs executed sites, Proper realistic 3d with minute details, etc, Most of our clients also appreciated the same, as we could see in the testimonials.


            As accomplished interior designers in Bangalore, we recognize that the ability to bridge the gap between virtual concepts and tangible reality is a testament to the quality and precision of our work.In others, 3d designs are just for some reference, but after execution, there will be lots of differences.

            Post-sale service, Interior Design Assistance

            As a top interior design company in Bangalore, WEA Designs can show our dedication to quality by offering lifetime free post-sale services. Service calls are minimal because of the high-quality products and services we use. We actively engage clients every six months to figure out their needs and provide qualified employees as needed to make their lives easier.


            As Luxury interior designers in Bangalore, prioritize everlasting quality and customer satisfaction beyond project completion. To preserve the quality of our work and guarantee our clients’ continuous happiness, we are confident in offering outstanding design services and continuous support.

            End to End / Turnkey service

            Coordinating several service providers for residential interior design or commercial interior design projects can be difficult in today’s hectic world. We play a role in that situation. As a luxury interior company in Bangalore, We offer complete solutions, saving our clients from the burden of coordinating several vendors. We pay careful attention to every detail, from loose and fixed items to civil works, plumbing and electrical, light choices, curtains, and more. With all aspects, our entire team of designers approach guarantees that clients will have a peaceful experience.

            We set ourselves apart from the competition by accepting the whole range of requirements, compared to many others in the field who just concentrate on specific ones. You can depend on us to take care of each aspect as your luxury  interior designers in Bangalore. Experience the ease of working with a team committed to realizing your vision and putting an end to the trouble of managing several providers.

            Execution Tracker

            To keep clients updated and involved at every stage, our luxury interior designers in Bangalore provide a thorough project management system. Detailed papers defining material supplies, installation schedules, and project objectives are given before production starts.

            Furthermore, the operation team communicates directly with clients via a dedicated WhatsApp group, providing daily updates on work progress, daily tasks, and completed projects. Customers can rely on us to thoughtfully execute their vision because of our interior designers  open and honest approach, which guarantees satisfaction throughout the entire interior design process.

            Elite Interiors, Luxury Interior Design Project Elegance

            Nowadays we are focusing more on the premium Luxury interior designing in the Bangalore project category when we say premium it’s not only like 50 or 60 L projects we take, we take up projects with a minimum value of 12L, it’s not about the commercials interior design, it’s about the design, we need our design freedom to explore more in terms of materials, new theme, etc, for that we would require minimum the above mentioned amount, in the low budget we won’t be able to explore much, also our interior designers in Bangalore, don’t prefer to take the project which doesn’t have much value in designs, i.e some clients approach us to do only modular kitchen interior design and wardrobes in the bedroom, etc, which we really don’t prefer to take because there’s no scope of creativity, to do such kind of things they can approach some local contractors only. When someone comes to us we should give them something unique and that’s what our interior designers in Bangalore is trying to meet.

            Creative Interior Designers with Timeline Innovations

            Most of the competitors are like will finish the project in 40-45 days etc, first of all, it’s not practical, just to sign in for the projects they are giving false commitments, and end of the day the clients have to suffer and fight, in our interior designers in Bangalore case it’s different.


            We propose a realistic timeline according to the scope of work, initially when we say this clients are like it’s too much, others are giving so and so etc, then our interior designers in Bangalore make them understand the scope of work etc, so that they can plan their things accordingly, and our interior designers in Bangalore make sure that the project will be happening within the committed deadline.

            Better Pricing, Affordable Luxury Interior Designers on a Dime

            We specialize in luxury interior design projects in Bangalore, offering exceptional quality at competitive prices. While competitors in the market charge extreme prices, we consistently deliver exceptional designs at more affordable rates. Our experience has shown that clients who initially explore other options often return to us, impressed by our cost-effectiveness and amazing design options. Through their satisfaction, we had numerous referrals, which strengthened our reputation as the top choice for Bangalore’s luxury interior designers.

            Budget Planning , Interior Design Budget Strategies

            Our interior designers in Bangalore help our clients with proper budget planning like how to spend, where to spend, where not to spend etc, this is just because we are not really taking this as only business, if we think in that line we also will be pushing everyone to opt for everything to pull more money etc (like how others are doing), but in our case, we propose differently, as interior designers in Bangalore, we want the space should come out well we will be suggesting accordingly, remove unwanted stuff, wherever it’s really required will make them spend and another area can be adjusted so that they would get everything within their budget.we always prefer the budget friendly interior design plans.

            Quality Products, Elevating Interior Design Standards

            Our Bangalore interior designers suggest only branded and good quality stuff, eg: hardware we use only premium brands such as Haffele or Hettich, even if the clients want local brands to reduce the cost, etc then we don’t prefer the same, because we know the risk in the same.

            Production Transparency, Interior Design Production Insights

            Finding trustworthy interior design firms in Bangalore can be challenging due to hidden practices, especially regarding materials and quotations. While some firms may promise high-end materials but deliver lower quality to increase revenue, Wea Designs the best interior designers in Bangalore sets itself apart through flexibility and innovation. Our efforts to honesty are evident in our open-door policy, welcoming clients to visit our factories and verify materials during production. Unlike others, we offer detailed and accurate quotations with no hidden costs, ensuring a seamless experience.

            Our luxury interior designs in Bangalore  exceed standards, customized to each client’s vision with premium materials and precise execution. We place a high value on design freedom and excellence, and we have a committed in-house staff with reasonable plans. As Bangalore’s leading luxury interior designers, Wea Designs combines passion and professionalism to create unique places that represent our constant loyalty to quality. Select us for an exceptional experience where trust and creativity are essential.

            In-House Expert Interior Designer Team Excellence

            This is very important in order to understand the clients and design accordingly, we do have an awesome bunch of interior designers in Bangalore, who work particularly as per the client’s taste. Our interior designers in JP Nagar, Bangalore do only 2 projects at a time so that they can fully concentrate on the same and deliver the best.

            In others, most of them have design partners, ie freelance interior designers, who just design something as per the consultant’s instruction, but in this case, there will be a bunch of miscommunications as well and clients won’t get the real sense of what they want, not everyone is same, but there are good interior designers too, but in our case it’s completely in-house.

            Our main focus is to create some nice space and offer a better standard of living to people, so we don’t take too many projects at a time, in that case, we won’t be able to concentrate on minute details, etc, for us it’s not only the business but also the passion, this why our designs are always unique in the market.

            Presenting the Design Gaadi, Wea Designs  Newest Invention

            Introducing Wea Gaadi, the cutting-edge initiative from WEA Designs reshaping the landscape of interior design services in Bangalore. This user-friendly consultation service with our interior designers in Bangalore negates the need for clients to navigate the inconveniences of visiting our physical office, strategically addressing the challenges posed by Bangalore’s infamous traffic.

            With strategic forethought, Wea Gaadi offers clients a seamless pathway to our proficient luxury interior decorators in Bangalore, all from the sanctuary of their homes. This ingenious solution underscores our commitment to providing clients with unparalleled ease and convenience in accessing our expertly curated designs, ensuring a hassle-free and delightful experience tailored to their unique preferences.

            Get a Quote

            Our interior designers in banglore are eager to know what you have in store for us, connect with us!
            We’ll get back to you soon! 

            luxury interior designers in bangalore

            Interior Designers in Bangalore

            The best interior designers in Bangalore. Our talented luxury interior designers are always coming up with new and creative ways to bring our client’s visions and lifestyles to life. We are passionate about design and are dedicated to providing outstanding quality.

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