Our key strength is our ability to understand our clients’ needs

Our Client Approach

Our designs and execution have earned us to be termed as the best interior designers. Our clients come back to us for every interior and architecture project, and we try to exceed their expectations every time. To achieve that we are well prepared before starting the project with every possibility considered so that we complete it on time and within the budget.

Concept Design & Visualisation.

Design concepts and visualization serve a much broader purpose than just aesthetic or artistic concerns. WEA Design interiors believe that concept of a design should reflect the attitude and beliefs of the customer.

Conceptualization of the philosophy and views of the customer leads us to a concrete design idea. Fascination to explore and embrace the dynamics of layout and space makes the visualization process welcoming and comforting to our customers. Balancing creative designs with solid conceptualization and quality and services is what WEA Design is popular for.

Creating a picturesque story of customer’s ideas with a polished artistic touch starting with a strategic planning process of gathering information and ideas and devising initial concept design to finally developing detailed plans, sketches, or drawings idea into high-quality 3D visualization which will help our customers visualize with a complete walk-through of their space.

Realistic 3D Models

WEA Design Interiors makes the entire process of designing your residential or commercial space easy and enjoyable with the utmost inspiration to take your interiors from boring to beautiful. No matter If a project is small or big, achieving the look and feel that our customer desires are our primitive goal.

The most sought-after designing team with a passion for design and their ability to tap into each client’s unique taste and style, consistently delivers stunning designs, within the budget and time frame. Not only that, but the team also assists the customers to select a wide-ranging product catalog featuring a variety of samples of high-quality furnishings products from drapery, blinds, shades, furniture, bedding, lighting, accessories, artwork, floor covering, wall covering, etc., to ensure everything fits into the overall design.

WEA Design Interior designer in Bangalore specializing in luxury custom builds, complete interior design plans, and renovation for both residential and commercial spaces perfected the art of collaboration with the ability to truly listen to each customer’s ideas and visuals right from the initial consultation, renovation, and planning, to the personalized finishing touches of a space.v

Onsite Supervision

Recognizing the importance of quality control and ensuring the harmony of all the elements of the project is not broken, WEA Design Interior made it one of the obligatory factors to have a talented team of project managers and On-site supervisors present on-site until complete hand-over.

It includes the designer’s regular visit to consult the construction resources on the designs, ensuring quality control over the finishing works, materials, and coloristic solutions delivered and coherent with the approved design. Regular stage-by-stage updates are communicated to the customers at their convenience as they can go around their usual routine and relax with total satisfaction.


WEA Design Interior’s workmanship ensures Top-notch quality with absolutely stunning designs balancing the functionality. Right from Planning to setting the mood of a space to finishing with the right contrast, WEA Design’s Interior quality remains untouched by its competitors in the field.

One of the main principles of designing a luxury, fancy, modern, place where everyone would want to live, is defined by the WEA Design’s Interior Quality. We achieve that by ensuring longevity and sustainability with an equal balance of aesthetics and use of available space efficiently.

Our customers are always happy and excited at the sight of the WEA Design’s Interior Quality which is the best interior designer in Bangalore provided at unbelievably affordable prices in the town.

Hassle Free Execution

Design meets reality here and WEA Design Interiors have an unassailable process to ensure a complete execution to perfection. Considering the boundless fun part of designing, finding, selecting, ordering, buying, and commissioning, execution seems to be the most ecstatic part of interior designing.

Brainstorming myriad details that have to be thought out, created, and managed so that every single piece that fits into the design needs to be precise. Depending on the scope and the complexity of a design, execution would be completed on or before the promised delivery specifics.

Once everything is placed and perfect our customers with delight realize that a well-designed space is worth the efforts & time it takes to create.

After Sales Support

From designing, modeling, completion, handover, and after-sales support, our reliable and competent service staff are forthcoming in providing the best bickering free solutions and maintenance of your project.

Our years of experience in the field of Interior designing and Architecture have allowed us to understand the needs of our valued customers and developed a 3-year Warranty for complete customer service and satisfaction, as is evidenced in our Best After Sales Support in the Interior design industry you have experienced.

Our customers have the advantage of working with a company that extends the relationship long after the completion of interiors and architecture. This complete system of after-sales support of WEA Designs Interiors allows our customers to sit back and relax with confidence, as we provide the assurance of a rewarding and satisfying experience.