Jan 19, 2023


You have finally made it to the big leagues!  Now you are the proud owner of a home you always dreamt of. So, what’s next on your agenda? A little housewarming soiree’? Hit all the pubs in town? Go for a drive to the nearest hill town for a weekend getaway? 

You have finally made it to the big leagues!

 Now you are the proud owner of a home you always dreamt of. So, what’s next on your agenda? A little housewarming soiree’? Hit all the pubs in town? Go for a drive to the nearest hill town for a weekend getaway? 

Before getting into the thick of it, how about securing the services of an interior designer in Bangalore that can give your home a personalised touch that will embody your individuality and even your take on life? No! It doesn’t cost a bomb as one might expect by the sound of it and you have a good number of well-reputed interior designers in Bangalore that can deliver results that will surprise even the hardest to please. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


Now that you are ready to take the plunge and spoil yourself with a little bit of flair and a whole lot of character to your space, the next task is to identify an interior designer that can offer you a bunch of options to choose from or maybe get you to come up with your own inspiration and they will add the finishing touch to it. So, which interior designer in Bangalore can keep up with the dual role of an artist and also mentor.

Introducing WEA Design, a ground-breaking interior design company based out of Bangalore with over a decade dedicated to the craft. We offer end-to-end services in architecture and interior designing along with a host of other allied services. Once you have us onboard, all you have to do is point and we will take care of the rest. We emphasize on creating spaces
through an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional designs. There are no wrongs and rights in our trade other than a sense of understanding that allows us to appreciate everything that is around us. We take inspiration from everything the universe has to offer – what truly matters is how well we understand our client’s expectations and inspiration and
how well we execute them.

A deep understanding of the subject and our innate ability to translate it into an actual masterpiece is what differentiates us from the competition. Our philosophy is simple; to approach every aspect of the case logically and use the space at our disposal to the best possible extent and turn your living space into the sanctuary you always wanted. We take care of every aspect of interior design, including lighting, furniture design, space management, layout design, and any other materials required to complete the task. We are committed to delivering a home that is unique and made exactly in line with our client’s expectations.

One of the reasons for WEA Designs’ success and popularity in Bangalore is on account of the fact that we treat each client and their requirement independently. Despite having an outstanding team of architects and designers who have made a mark for themselves in the industry, we approach each requirement with a clean slate. Our team of architects, designers, and craftsmen work in close sync with each other to redesign your interiors and turn them into a safe haven that strikes a delicate balance between space, functionality, and aesthetics.

We offer a range of services that include interior designing for homes and commercial spaces, custom furniture crafting, and architectural services among others. In addition to providing a wide selection of designs and options for interior designing, we also specialise in creating curated décor, and layered textures ingrained with vibrant colours and styles picked from various cultures and regions across the globe. What we bring to the table is not merely a service to meet your needs but an idea that can inspire you to look for more than just a comfortable living space.

For the last ten years, we have worked closely both with local artisans and professionals in interior design who have witnessed the changes that reflect in Bangalore in terms of social, economic, and cultural context. Each project we undertake reflects the changes we as people have undergone over the years. Whether it’s a homeowner who wants to stick to something traditional or someone who prefers something contemporary; we always have something to offer to our esteemed clients. Creative use of resources, personalised designs, and environmentally sustainable practices have made us one of the leading interior
designers in Bangalore.

Right from the inception of the project, our clients are kept in the loop and the work is undertaken in consultation with them at all times. Once we finalise the plan, our team of craftsmen and designers work tirelessly to ensure we deliver top-notch results within the agreed timeline. Each part of the project is handled by our experts and tailored in great detail to suit our clients’ requirements down to the dot. For us, providing our customers with the means to design their homes beyond the standard affair is not merely a service but our responsibility and commitment to them.

We are of the opinion that every individual has a unique worldview and approach to life which is also reflected in their homes. We have helped customers redesign their home interiors, we have also helped renovate a pub, and not to mention workspaces that
accommodate a whole bunch of working professionals who never sit still and test the limits of the furniture provided to them. Our main task is to take your vision and put it into a frame so we can determine its practicalities based on our understanding and experience of the craft.

Our success as one of the most sought-after interior designers in Bangalore is not merely a matter of getting it right every time. In fact, this is only the tip of the iceberg – Our capabilities are built on a series of constructive feedback that is given to us by our clients. Be it a review on a website, social media handles, or while undergoing any project; our team considers each feedback, checks for its applicability, and tries to incorporate it into our work. Delivering a project success relies not only on our expertise as an interior designing company but also